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Hometown looks forward to providing immediate local response to your request for information.
Hometown Medical Supplies is redefining the meaning of service. With our growing network of showrooms, service hubs, mobile vans and visiting representatives, Hometown brings its products and services to you if you are homebound or unable to visit us for any other reason.
Today, patients in need of medical care, medical equipment and health-care related services face ambiguity and uncertainty related to a changing industry:
Health Care Reform Act
Changes to Medicare
Challenges to Medi-Cal and Medicaid programs
Growth of the managed care industry
With constant changes to Medicare, Medi-Cal and other entitlement programs, Hometown stives to simplify the process of product and service delivery for both patients and medical professionals. Combining the best elements of online versus brick and mortar showrooms, Hometown is virtually at your door when you need us, whether for evaluations, demonstrations, delivery, or service — at your home or an assisted living center. 
Hometown is expanding into managed care providership by contracting with more and more organizations such as Tech Health for worker's comp to provide service to a wider range of patients.
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