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Hometown provides free educational programs dedicated to helping the community understand their available mobility options to make better, more informed choices in maintaining an active lifestyle.
Helping seniors and patients better understand their mobility options
Understanding the extensive variety of mobility equipment types, styles and options can be overwhelming, even for health care professionals who do not specialize in mobility solutions. And knowing how to take advantage of the benefits offered through the various agencies that help seniors afford to purchase mobility equipment can be even more challenging.
Hometown offers free educational clinics, seminars and demonstrations to help inform the community of the various mobility products and services created to enrich their lives. We also inform seniors of the programs set up to help them pay for the mobility equipment they need to maintain their freedom and safety.
We bring our clinics, seminars and demonstrations to:
Senior centers
Assisted living facilities
Community centers
Medical clinics
Doctor's offices
Occupational and physical therapy clinics
Private homes