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Medicare and Medi-Cal are significant resources that help those with mobility issues to acquire needed equipment. Our experienced professionals can help you successfully navigate the qualification process.
Knowing your Medicare options
Understanding how to take advantage of the benefits offered through the various agencies created to help seniors more easily afford mobility equipment can be challenging. Hometown makes it easy for you to navigate the qualification process by working directly with your doctor to complete the necessary Medicare, Medi-Cal and insurance carrier paperwork.
If your limited mobility is the result of a qualifying medical condition that prevents you from performing activities of daily living independently in your home, Medicare could cover 80% of the cost of new mobility equipment, including power chair or scooter. If you have supplemental insurance, your insurance carrier may cover the remaining cost.
Hometown personnel are experienced professionals who work with Medicare and private insurance companies every day. Call us today at 888-848-0818 to get the qualification process started. You may be able to get a new power chair or scooter at little or no cost to you.
The Hometown Qualification Process
Our qualification process is simple and easy:
1. Contact us to initiate your FREE Consultation
Talk with your Hometown representative to discuss how your medical condition is affecting your mobility and preventing you from performing activities of daily living. Call us today at 888-848-0818 or use the online form to schedule your FREE consultation.
2. Schedule a mobility evaluation with your doctor

In order to become eligible for coverage, Medicare requires you to see your doctor in person specifically for a mobility evaluation. Your doctor visit is an important step in the process, so even if you've had a recent appointment, you must visit your doctor again specifically to discuss your difficulties getting around at home.

3. We complete the paperwork
After your doctor visit we work with you and your doctor's office to complete the necessary paperwork for Medicare and your insurance carrier (if necessary). Once the paperwork is processed we schedule a visit with you at your home to assess your needs and identify the most beneficial mobility solution.
4. We deliver your power chair to you
On the day of delivery, your Hometown representative delivers your new chair or scooter, sets it up, makes adjustments to the comfort settings and instructs you how to use it. Before leaving, your representative will make sure you are comfortable operating the controls and can easily navigate your surroundings.
Start the qualification process today by calling 888-848-0818
For those who do not qualify for Medicare or Medi-Cal, Hometown makes it easy for seniors to purchase mobility equipment like power chairs and power mobility scooters. Our Time Payment Plan provides an affordable option for patients who do not qualify as an entitled beneficiary but could benefit from owning their own power mobility equipment.