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Hometown offers the most popular accessories for enhancing the utility of scooters, walkers power and wheelchairs, including trays, baskets, racks and more.

Mobility scooter accessories for active people

Oxygen Tank Rack

Walker Rack

Cane Holder

Scooter Baskets

Mobility aids and accessories

Lift Aids


Walker Baskets

Walker Trays

Accessories that enhance the usefullness of mobility aids ensure that the equipment meets the needs of active people. The more comfortable and accomodating the equipment is, the more it is used — which improves safety and quality of life.
Power mobility equipment is great, but what happens once the rider arrives at their destination? Accessories like walker and cane racks help mobility-impaired individuals remain safe once they're off the scooter.
Hometown offers all the most popular accessories and can acquire for you any of the more specialized equipment. If it's on the market we can get it for you!
Whether you're buying a cup rack or a power mobility scooter we provide the same caring service that assures you are outfitted with exactly what you need to remain mobile and active. Call us today to get your order started at 888-848-0818.
We handle all the popular brands!