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What is Aging in Place
"Aging in place" is the ability to live in one's own home — wherever that might be — for as long as possible. Livability can be extended by installing aging-in-place products and safety conveniences that allow you to remain in your home as circumstances change.
In other words, aging in place is remaining safe and independent as you get older without having to move from the comfort and familiarity of the home you love.
Typically the most immediate challenges faced by individuals as they age is losing safe access to the customs of comfortable living due to the risk of falling. As people age, the ability to climb stairs and navigate the hazards of getting in and out of showers and bathtubs become issues as mobility decreases.
Thanks to specialized aging in place products and improvements in safety bar design, many mobility-challenged patients are able to remain confident in performing the functions of daily living safely when strategic modifications are made to their home.
Hometown provides the important products that help patients overcome mobility challenges to enjoy the many benefits of aging comfortably in their own home.

In-home stair lifts, and other systems for comfortably aging in place

Interior Lifts

Fall Monitoring

Stair Ramps

Rail Systems

Hometown provides the safety-enhancing products that help aging individuals safely navigate stairs and other obstacles. With powered stair lifts installed, mobility-challenged patients can continue to enjoy the comfort, familiarity and security of their own multi-level homes.

Easy-access baths and transfer aids

Walk In Tubs

Walk-In Shower

Grab Bars

Transfer Poles

Hometown offers accessible baths, showers and other in-home safety products installed to help aging patients live comfortably in their own homes.

For those mobility products requiring home modification or specialized, certified or licensed installation, Hometown recommends providers in your area who would be happy to help you plan, estimate and complete your installation or modification project.

Installation Partners
Location: Northern California
Services: Installation and consulting for stair lifts, overhead lifts, lift ramps, accessible bathrooms, grab bars, support bars and more.
Contact: Rhonda Harlin, VP
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