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The RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Practitioners at Hometown protect your safety and comfort by providing expert guidance on the seating and positioning solutions that are right for you.

Protective cushions for safety, comfort and extended mobility product utilization

Gel Cushions

Mosaic Cushions

Hybrid Cushions

Stimulite Cushions

Hometown specializes in high-quality skin protection pads that help you get the most out of your mobility equipment. Whether you are looking for the extra comfort of gel cushions or the enhanced skin protection of mosaic technology, Hometown can help you attain the right balance so you remain comfortable and active.

Mattress overlays for careful skin protection

Gel Overlays

Ehob Overlays

Low Air Loss


Hometown also provides a full line of high quality bed and mattress overlays that cover a range of treatment options. Whether your overlay is required for skin protection or treatment of a wound or decubitus ulcer, our wound care specialists can help determine the appropriate degree if protection.
We provide:
Fast Medicare pre-qualification
Top brands (Pride, Drive, Roho, Ehob, Invacare)
Full line of types and styles
Careful fitting assistance
Expert needs assessment
Extended warranty
And we handle all the Medicare and Medi-Cal paperwork!