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Aging in Place    
We can help you remain safe and comfortable while aging gracefully in your own home.

Hometown improves your safety, comfort and mobility with a selection of lift chairs that combine utility and beauty to make an attractive, beneficial addition to your home.

Comfort and beauty while providing ease of mobility




Full Recline

About Power Lift Chairs

Power lift chairs are recliners equipped with electric motors that ease the patient into a standing or seating position by slowly lifting forward and back. All positions are controlled by the patient with an easy-to-use remote handheld control.

Lift chairs are the perfect solution for patients with severe arthritis, hip injuries, muscular degeneration or balance issues who have difficulty getting into or up from a regular chair by themselves. Lift chairs also recline like a Lazy-Boy, come in a wide range of custom colors and fabrics and have optional comfort features including heat and vibrating massage.
Main Benefit
Lift chairs are not just attractive furniture or another recliner, they are fashionably upholstered medical equipment! By easing you into a standing or sitting position, lift chairs take the strain out of transferring to and from your walker or wheelchair, helping avoid the risk of falling or adding physical stress and injury to you or our caregiver's legs, arms, shoulders and backs.
Special Advantages and Discounts
Our customers love their lift chairs! The soothing warmth and gentle vibrating massage while in a reclining position offer some people the best, most pain-free rest they get. We believe that lift chairs enhance peoples' lives in so many ways we do everything we can to make them affordable. We offer a 10% Senior discount and a 10% cash discount on lift chairs. We make it very easy to find a lift chair that will safely fit your needs and requirements, without breaking the bank.
If your doctor can write a simple prescription for our files or if you have a Handicapped Sticker for your vehicle, you don't even have to pay the sales tax. That's nearly an additional 10% savings right there! Every chair comes with a full year warranty on parts and labor, and there's never a charge for our White Glove Delivery service.
The Hometown Difference:
Call and ask about our Senior Discounts and the additional discount for cash
purchases — even when made
with a credit card.

We also offer Payment Plans.

Fast Medicare pre-qualification
Top brands (Pride, Golden)
Wide range of custom colors and fabrics
In-home service
White glove delivery
Free delivery
And we handle the Medicare paperwork for qualified customers!
Guide to Selecting the Right Power Lift Chair
The many choices and different models of lift chairs on the market may be a little overwhelming for people starting the process of finding the right chair for their needs. Understanding the basics about lift chairs and how they work is a good first step toward making the right decision on price, model and features. Our Power Lift Chair Guide will help familiarize you with lift chairs, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.
Lift Chair Selection Guide