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Hometown provides the complete range of prescription orthotics and arthritis therapeutics to help you manage joint pain and promote healing of injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Full range of prescription orthotics, braces and arthritis therapies


Arthritic Gloves

Carpal Tunnel

Foot and Ankle

Hometown provides expert guidance in finding the right option for your specific issue to help promote healing, manage pain and prevent further deterioration or exacerbation of chronic conditions. We offer proven products from the most recognized names in the prescription orthotics industry.
Hometown provides the complete range of prescription orthotic braces, splints, wraps, supports, and Range of Motion (ROM) hinged devices.
These devices are made from the highest quality materials designed to provide cushioning, comfort, support, post-surgical immobilization or precise limitation of Range of Motion (knees and elbows).
Swedo-Thermoskin products provide active heat therapy using the body’s own natural warmth, and even on-the-go hot-and-cold therapy!
These devices are designed for each specific joint and body part: foot plantar, ankle, Achilles tendon, calf and shin, thigh and quadriceps, groin lumbar and lumbar sacral back, neck, shoulder, forearm thumb and hand. Precise sizing is available to maximize support, immobilization, compression, and heat and cold therapies, while allowing the patient the maximum comfort and freedom to enjoy an active life style.
These are high quality, prescription medical devices scientifically designed to aid in minimizing pain, promote healing, and help treat or delay the onset and exacerbation of more serious chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Osgood Shlatter’s Disease and cruciate ligament injuries of the knees, shin splints, diabetes-related complications, arthritis, tendonitis, and Reynaud’s Disease, among others.
They promote healing and are essential components in injury rehabilitation. The Swedo Thermoskin products provide a combination of compression to counteract tissue swelling, support for pain relief, and heat therapy to promote healing and allow soft tissue to become fully extensible and more responsive to therapy and exercise following surgery, layoff, and stress and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).
Representative product categories:
Daytime (in shoe) arch strap and nighttime dorsal splints for Plantar Fasciitis
Adjustable foot and ankle gauntlets, stabilizers, wraps, braces and supports for pain and stress
Adjustable compression walking boots and shock-absorbing drop foot braces
Adjustable ankle, calf, shin,  and arch LOK supports, braces and wraps
Knee straps, wraps, stabilizers, for osteoarthritis and ligament injuries, and hinged Range of Motion (ROM)limiting devices for post –surgical recovery and therapy
Quadricep, hamstring and groin support shorts
Lumbar and Lumbar-Sacral back braces up to and including rigid post surgical supports
Single and double shoulder supports and hot-cold packs
Cervical collars and braces for whiplash, cervical disc injuries, stress, and arthritis
Elbow straps, wraps and hinged Range of Motion (ROM) supports and braces
Forearm, wrist and thumb supports and braces for carpal tunnel, carpometacarpal (CMC) Thumb Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), arthritis, and tendonitis
Hand and wrist gloves for rheumatoid arthritis, carpometacarpal (CMC) Thumb, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), and tendonitis
The Hometown Difference:
Fast, personal service
Top brands (Swede-O, Thermaskin, De Royal)
Complete line of orthotics, braces and therapeutics
And we handle all the Medicare paperwork!