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Hometown provides pediatric mobility solutions backed by individual attention and follow-through to ensure the most appropriate solution for your child — no matter what their issue or developmental level.

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Because each child has their own special mobility and developmental needs and their own unique developmental pace, Hometown provides RESNA certified guidance and a full continuum of adaptive equipment to help therapists and other professionals provide exactly the right incremental solution for each developmental challenge for each child.

We carry products from the the most reliable manufactures and innovative developers ranging from sitting aids, chairs, and bath seats to standing frames, walkers and gait trainers, to power and manual wheelchairs, to custom and molded seating systems and cushions, among others.

We begin working with infants and toddlers as soon as pediatric mobility delays and challenges are identified, but continue to work with them throughout their entire lives, if necessary, always helping them to achieve their maximum potential through the highest level of functioning in the least restrictive environment. Our relationship may start in infancy and childhood, but we will be there for them for as long as they need us: assessing, re-assessing, providing, replacing, adjusting, repairing .... That is what we do.

Pediatric adaptive equipment:    FEATURED PRODUCT
Activity chairs
Pediatric walkers and gait trainers
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Hometown certified professionals work closely with you to meet the exact needs of your child or patient.
About the KidWalk Gait Trainer
The KidWalk is a new type of dynamic mobility system originally developed by an occupational therapist with practitioners, physicians, engineers and users to promote hands free mobility for exploration and weight shift during ambulation.
The patented axle placement, swivel seat and large wheels encourage rotation of the upper body over the pelvis making it maneuvering over carpets and thresholds. It can be used during therapy to facilitate balance, equilibrium, weight shift and developmental activities such as reaching, jumping, carrying objects during ambulation.
KidWalk Features and Benefits
Hands free support of the child with minimal hardware in front.
Ability to turn around in a 38” hallway.
Least resistance moving over carpet and thresholds than any other walker tested.
One adult can place child in or out of it and adjust it within 30 seconds.
Infinite height adjustability with child in it.
Upper trunk supports can be removed for child who only needs pelvic support.
No tools required for adjustments.
Can be transported in a trunk of a car.
A more able user could get into and out of the KidWalk without assistance.
Call Hometown today at 888-848-0818 to have us come out to your location and provide a free demonstration of the KidWalk.