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Hometown offers a range of specialty wheelchairs that keep active individuals safe and comfortable while enjoying their on-the-go lifestyle.

Specialty wheelchairs for active lifestyles




Light Weight

Hometown offers specialty wheelchairs that support active lifestyles. The Bounder line of off-road chairs are ideal for hunting, going to the beach or riding in the snow. Bounder products offer special configurations and options that range from the extra speed of a high performance chair to a power lift feature that places the user in an upright standing position.

The line of specialty light-weight chairs from Karman are ideal for travelers who enjoy the freedom of ultra-portable chairs that easily accompany patients on planes and other modes of transportation. Karman's revolutionary patented designs focus on portability, ergonomics and high-performance for active individuals.

We offer:
Fast Medicare pre-qualification
Top brands (Bounder, Karman, Colours)
Full range of models and configurations
In-home service
White glove delivery
Free delivery
And we handle all the Medicare and Medi-Cal paperwork!