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Choosing the right power lift chair includes some important considerations. Hometown works closely with you to make sure you get the exact model and configuration that meets your needs.

Guide to choosing the power lift chair that best meets your needs




Full Recline

Important Considerations when Selecting a Power Lift Chair
Benefits of a Power Lift Chair
For people with mobility issues, getting up and out of a chair to manage simple tasks such as answering the door, going to the bathroom or preparing a meal may be difficult due to pain or lack of muscle strength for standing and sitting. Power lift chairs are an affordable and extremely beneficial mobility aid to seniors with arthritis or other issues that make it difficult or painful to rise out of a chair from a sitting position or to sit down from a standing position. Rising out of a chair is significantly less difficult when the chair is capable of gently raising the occupant to a standing position for a safe and pain-free exit.
Lift chairs offer all the comfort of a traditional recliner with one key difference – they come with a strong electric motor located in the base of the chair. A lift chair looks exactly like a traditional armchair recliner except for the handheld control that accompanies the chair. The purpose of the handheld remote is to control the motor that gently lifts the chair and its occupant up and back from the seated to the standing position.
Once safely in the chair, the occupant uses the remote to adjust the chair to a personally comfortable angle. Power lift chairs can achieve all the positions of the best standard reclining chairs and more. Certain models of lift chairs also feature a separate mechanism which allows the foot rest to be adjusted independently of the seat back according to the occupant’s preferences.
In short, lift chairs are a simple and affordable accessory that can help seniors with mobility issues remain safe and comfortable as they age gracefully in their own home.
The three basic types of lift chairs
Different models of lift chairs are distinguished by the number of positions their motors are configured to provide. A two-position chair is built to recline to as much as a 45-degree angle while a three-position chair will recline further to an almost completely flat position. Infinite-position lift chairs recline to a full horizontal position, and feature a dual motor design which allows the foot rest to operate independently of the seat back, providing rehabilitative properties beneficial for soothing the needs of patients with more complex requirements.
Two-position Lift Chairs
Two-position lift chairs are generally the most economical while still providing the same beneficial lifting function as the more advanced types of lift chairs. Two-position lift chairs offer a limited reclining backrest, offering occupants a range of recline to around a 45 degree angle. The footrest flips up as the chair reclines but does not operate independently of the backrest.
Two-position chairs are designed for the casual user and are fine for reading and watching TV but not ideal for napping. The two-position chair is a good choice for value-conscious individuals who do not expect to be using the chair for prolonged periods or for sleeping.
One advantage of a two- position lift chair is that they don't require as much space as the other types of lift chairs. Since they don't recline all the way, two-positions chairs can sit a little closer to the wall. Some models are designed to work with as little wall clearance as 3-4 inches.
The range of motion of a two-position lift chair.
Three-position Lift Chairs
Three-position lift chairs recline to an "almost" flat position making them a better selection for individuals that intend to use the chair for relaxing and napping. Three-position chairs ar a very popular choice because they are most similar in positioning and comfort to standard (no motor) recliners.

As with the two-position lift chair, the footrest flips up as the chair reclines but does not operate independently of the backrest. Three-position chairs are a good choice for individuals replacing a standard recliner with one that offers the safety benefit of easing the occupant in and out of the chair from a standing position.

Some models of three-position lift chairs include special features like heat and massage functions which make them even more of a benefit to seniors.

A three-position chair reclines
to a nearly flat angle
Infinite Position Lift Chairs
Infinite position lift chairs are the top of the line. All the bells and whistles are available, including options for heat and massage, full sleeping position and more. Dual motors allow the footrest and the seat back to move independently of one another, providing occupants to the ability to decide what position is the most comfortable or therapeutic.
An infinite position lift chair is for the person who will be spending a good portion of their day in the chair, and are of  particular benefit to hypotension (low blood pressure) sufferers who have been directed by a doctor to recline in what is known as the Trendelenberg position (where the feet are elevate above the head).

Infinite position lift chairs offers a full recline position (also called a sleeping position) and some models offer a bed mattress for extra sleeping comfort.

Infinite-position chairs
lean back to a full recline
Choosing the right model
Although power lift chairs are primarily a safety aid for mobility-challenged individuals, choosing the right lift chair model is a decision that also includes answers to questions like “how will it look in my home” and “where will it fit best for my anticipated use.” Because lift chairs become part of the décor when brought into the home, it’s important to consider factors that go a bit beyond price and features and touch on space limitations, fabrics and colors.
Most lift chair manufactures, like Golden Technology and Pride Mobility offer a variety of product lines to address the needs of people with different budgets and functionality requirements. Product lines are typically segmented by price, number of positions, specialty and unique features. Most manufacturers offer a value line of low cost lift chairs that provides the simple benefits of a reclining power lift chair without a lot of extras. Manufacturers typically provide a wide range of color and fabric choices so that the lift chair blends beautifully with the buyer’s home décor.
The Decision Process
Selecting the right lift chair is sometimes a little confusing, because there are so many different options and models available, so it is usually a good approach to start with the specific needs of the primary occupant, focusing on their height, weight and the expected amount of time they will be spending in the chair.
It is critical to know the weight and height of the individuals who will be using the chair. Most lift chairs can support over 300 pounds of weight, but some lines are available with multiple motors that can support considerable weights.
The height of the occupant is also of particular importance, because the distance that the chair needs to lift off of the ground to facilitate a safe and pain-free exit is based on the height of its intended user. A lift chair that’s designed for someone over six feet tall will need to lift higher into the air then one that is designed for someone who is five feet tall.
Another key decision point is how the lift chair will be used. If it will be occupied only casually to read or watch TV then a two-position chair will fit the bill for those on a limited budget. For those expecting to spend more time in the chair for functions that include relaxing and napping, then a three-position lift chair would be a better choice because of the deeper recline. Three-position chairs are the most popular model and many models are available with extended features including built-in heat and massage.
For those expecting to spend prolonged periods of time in the power lift chair or for those needing therapeutic application, an infinite-position model is the optimal choice. Because they recline completely and have a separate motor for operating the leg rest independently of the seat and seat back, infinite-recline models can be positioned in ways that the two and three-position chairs cannot. Models are available with mattresses and other overlays for those who expect to spend extended hours sleeping in the chair. The infinite-recline models are a great choice for those with no budget limitations who want the most versatile options in a power lift chair.
Some infinite-recline chairs
come with a mattress option
Fabrics and Colors
Lift chair manufacturers offer a wide variety of colors, designs, styles and fabrics. The type of fabric covering the lift chair is an improtant consideration that goes beyond simple appearance. Some fabrics are softer, more durable or more stain resistant than others. The breathability of a fabric is another significant consideration, because having a highly breathable fabric will facilitate comfort when sitting in the chair for prolonged periods.
Most manufacturers offer the buyer a choice of fabrics once the chair model, configuration and features have been decided upon. The best manufacturers provide the option of special fabrics beyond the standard vinyl, leather, suede and cloth models. Pride and Golden offer highly breathable comfort fabrics that offer safety and durability benefits as well as being highly resistant to stains and temperature fluctuations (especially important for chairs outfitted with the heat and massage option.
Let Us Help
We at Hometown are mobility experts and can help you obtain the right power lift chair based on your needs and goals. We are also expert and handling the paperwork to help you qualify for payment assistance through Medicare or MediCal. Even if you do not qualify for assistance, we offer affordable time payment plans to help your purchase fit your financial situation.
We handle the top manufacturers!