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Through our growing network of mobile vans and visiting representatives, Hometown brings its products and services to you at your assisted living facility, senior center or other location.

Bringing mobility products and services directly to the community

Hometown is a fully licensed and fully accredited durable medical equipment products and services provider prepared to serve the community wherever mobility needs are unmet. To make it easy for seniors and other mobility challenged individuals to have access to our products and services we come to you.
Whether your at an assisted living facility, senior center, community center, hospital or other site, your Hometown representative is just a phone call away.
On-site services. including:
Consultation and needs assessment
Sizings and custom fittings
Power equipment repair and maintenance
Manual equipment repair and maintenance
Rehab chairs repair and maintenance
Part replacement
We're prepared to bring our products and services directly to the community at:
Senior centers
Assisted living facilities
Community centers
Medical clinics
Doctor's offices
Occupational and physical therapy clinics
Private homes