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Aging in Place    
We can help you remain safe and comfortable while aging gracefully in your own home.

Hometown helps those who don't yet qualify for Medicare and Medi-Cal and who's insurance claims for mobility and comfort products are not covered by Kaiser or other HMO.

Hometown makes mobility products affordable for HMO patients

Not everyone who finds the need for adaptive equipment, orthotics or power mobility equipment immediately qualifies for coverage under Medicare, Medi-Cal, their HMO or other payers. For individuals who do not qualify for immediate reimbursement, Hometown makes it easier to afford the needed equipment.
We've found that whether you're straight Medicare, in an HMO like Kaiser or Secure Horizons, or PPOs like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United HealthCare or other Senior Care plans, the process and hoops and hurdles required to justify a needed piece of equipment can result in extremely long delays, or simply not getting something you need because you don’t quite meet the funder's strict criteria.
We know you love your doctors and the care you receive with your plan. Stay with your doctor for the care, and come to us for the medical equipment. If your plan does not or will not provide you coverage for any reason, we'll even offer you and extra discount for membership in a qualified plan.
We guarantee you won't pay a penny more than Medicare does, and you know they ALWAYS get the best price — it's the law!
We offer the lowest possible prices on power mobility equipment, including power chairs and mobility scooters.Call and ask about our Senior Discounts and the additional Discount for Cash Purchases, even when made on a credit card. If your plan does not or will not provide it for you for any reason, we'll even give you and extra discount for membership in a qualified plan.
Our complete line of aging-in-place equipment and supplies helps seniors remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home by improving safety. We provide deep discounts on all aging-in-place equipment including, power lift chairs, stair lifts, walk-in showers and tubs, ramps, grab bars, transfer poles and more. As always, your price will not be penny more than Medicare would pay.
We also offer Time Payment Plans
Hometown provides the option of spreading the payments out over time, making your mobility equipment immediately available without having to cover the entire cost up front. We also offer a rental program.
View examples of our Time Payment Options
Let us know if you are interested in taking advantage of our Time Payment Plan by calling 888-848-0818.