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Hometown backs up its line of mobility solutions with repair and maintenance services to keep your equipment in top shape. Our service programs are aimed at keeping you safe and on the go.

Keeping you safe and active with regular mobility equipment maintenance

We stand behind our Hometown customers with a full range of maintenance services to keep your equipment operating as intended. In fact, we frequently stand behind the customers who have been abandoned by other dealers who were happy enough to sell them a vehicle, but unable or unwilling to maintain it for them, leaving them on their own.
Sadly, as a matter of policy, other providers — and not just the big national companies but local ones as well — don't provide service or repairs for vehicles that they did not sell to the customer. Hometown maintains vehicles for customers regardless of who sold them the vehicle.
Whether it's for regular maintenance on a power chair or scooter, or installation of a new lift chair, our Service Mobile program puts experienced Hometown technicians at the ready to respond immediately to your needs.
We're experts at working with Medicare and Medi-Cal and handle all the paperwork, obtaining the prescription for repair pre-authorization and any other forms required to minimize or eliminate the cost to our customers.
We handle service and repair on the full line of mobility equipment, including all kinds of wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, power lift chairs, stair lifts, walkers and much more — if you need it to get around we can fix it
We Won't Leave You Stranded!
Since Hometown is a full-service provider, if your chairs is too old to be repaired because parts for it can no longer be found, or if it's too expensive to be repaired in the eyes of Medicare, MediCal or other funder, Hometown will handle all the paperwork, evaluations, and coordination with the doctor’s office and funder to help you qualify for a new vehicle! WE won’t leave you stranded, no matter what!
Call us at 888-848-0818 to initiate your service or repair order.